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Where to Buy

Pedalite sell all of our products through Retailers around the world.  Details of how to find a local stockist in your country are provided on this page

Find a local retailer via the internet

Thousands of stores stock Pedalite products, usually you can use a search engine, like Google, msn, Yahoo, Ask, etc on the internet to find your nearest stockist of Pedalite products in your country and local area. You can simply click on the "Search" below or change the search term to the product you want e.g. Anklelite, Baglite, Green Oil or Pedalite Pedal lights.

Find a local retail shop in your local high street

Typically, in most countries you can find Pedalite products in the following types of retail stores:

Sports Shops Saddleries and Tack shops  Cycling Shops
Online (Internet) shops Catalogues Department Stores
Speciality Stores Eco Stores and many other places


Need a Pedalite product now and can not find a local retailer!

If you are in one of the few places where there are no local Pedalite product retailers yet and therefore cannot find Pedalite products in a retail store (there are not many places where Pedalite products are not sold through retail stores, please check here), it is possible to make an immediate purchase for despatch to anywhere in the world from our online shop. Click here to visit the Pedalite online shop now!