Pedal Lights

   Flashes front, back & sides when pedalling starts for 360° visibility

   Keeps flashing even when pedalling stops (up to 5 mins.)

   Visible 1 km (over half a mile) away - always on, always safe

   Very simple, standard fit on all adult & child bikes

   No batteries, no maintenance: fit & forget!

   Award winning.  Tough & durable with a full 1 year warranty

   Non slip surface and super grip studs.  Toe clips available.

Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights are the unique battery-free flashing pedal lights for bicycles.




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Pedalite Flashing Battery Free Pedals have been designed to make cyclists more visible to motorists day and night, from a distance of upto 1km away and from any angle, including the side. As soon as you start pedalling the Pedalite pedals uniquely harvest and store a small amount of energy so the lights continue to flash when the cyclist is freewheeling or has stopped at a road junction.

75% of Cycling accidents happen at, or near, a road junction [source RoSPA], where cycles need to be seen from the side. Pedalite pedals help cyclists create their own virtual cycle lane as motorists naturally give cyclists with Pedalite pedals a wider berth and distance, increasing their safety.

When cycling it is vitally important to be seen from the side by other road users and to ensure you have lighting on a bicycle even during daylight hours for when you ride through a shadow or a cloud comes overhead.



Watch this Video - see how they work

Now used by tens of thousands of cyclists; Pedalite 360° pedal lights are a global phenomenon.

Pedalite pedal lights complement other cycle lighting systems, providing emergency “running lights” and essential side lighting. Please review the information in our SHE campaign.

Pedalite products, being battery-free, usually provide a full “pay back” of the purchase price to customers during the first year of purchase from elimination of the cost of replacement batteries for cycle lights that are usually needed.  

Regarding quality, Pedalite 360 degree visibility pedal lights are made from Dupont polymer (as developed originally with NASA for the space industry), the lens from a polycarbonate that is the same spec as bullet proof body armour, the pedals have metal super-grip studs and are a high quality product that is endorsed by not only Tony Doyle (world champion cyclist) but also customers in over 40 countries.  The crash testing performed on Pedalite products is to a very high standard and specific quality testing of Pedalite products can be seen on our quality page, all of this results in virtually very low warranty claims and a reputation that continues to grow and grow. 

Tony Doyle, twice World Cycling Pursuit Champion, four times European Track Champion and ardent cycling safety campaigner is an ambassador and spokesperson for Pedalite and strongly endorses the products stating “Pedalite pedal lights were the biggest aid to cycling safety since helmets”.

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